“This has been my favorite store for over 20 years!  I’ve been shopping here since they were beside Jim Weavil Appliances.  I buy everything for my house from them.  I’ve sold a lot to them, too.  They’ve never let me down. PS LOVE the new location! It’s huge.”

Sherry S.

“Here’s a picture of the console I got from you guys. It’s perfect on this wall.  It was less than $200.00 from you. I’m so glad I didn’t buy at *******.  It was $799.00 there!”

Austin G.

“I am a terrible photographer. This wall unit i got from CFE is all one piece and was custom built for original owner. If I met them I would tell them how much I appreciate their good taste. I will have this until I die. I will shop at cfe until I die. There is no other place like it.”

Kim G.

“I sold a bed here and got this for my fiancé. It is a bar. I don’t remember exactly but i know for sure it was less than 200 after the discounts and with the NC tax. My favorite store. Good pricing on quality furniture. New location is massive. Always loaded up and full of merch that wasn’t there last week.”

Kevin A.

“My office at home is done with everything from this store. Best furniture store in Winston! That’s just my opinion”

Frank J.

“I love that they have their own brand of new furniture now. This is their fortress brand dining room table and ten chairs. Chairs and table are heavy as a rock. Solid wood. 1100 bucks fir the whole set delivered. I don’t how they do it but I’m glad they do.”

John C.

“I never write reviews but I feel led to do so this time. We moved from a town home to a large home, while I was pregnant. Consignment Furniture made it extremely easy on us. It was unreal and a true blessing to us. We picked out stuff we liked in the store, paid a deposit down and then the owner came out to our townhome and gave us a very fair amount for our old stuff. They took our old furniture away at the same time. Two days later they delivered the furniture we bought to the new house. Sharp business model and very well run. The owners are the original owners and it’s obvious they care”

Alexa K.

“I’d never heard of this store until my aunt made me go with her. Now it’s my favorite store in the world!”

Lindsay L.

“Everything in my house is from this store. I’ll never buy anything new again. Thank you Leon for helping me with the rug.” 

Shirley M.

“I don’t know why you would shop anywhere else.”

Francis J.

“I go to Consignment Furn. at least once a month. It changes fast in there. They get furniture every day. I have decorated two different houses with furniture from Consignment Furn. I am their biggest fan. Good luck on the new location.”

James F.

“I am in love with this store. It’s always immaculately clean and very organized. I find treasures here every time I go. I pay a lot less here than at ********* for my favorite designer, Marge Carson. They also have the nicest employees. Great owners. Really good place to shop.”

Michelle W.

“They’ve made it a wonderful experience to shop for furniture. I love that I can trade my furniture in here and get more for it in store credit than if I just sold it to them. I haven’t done that yet but I intend to. My antique vanity dressing table and tufted linen headboard are two of my favorite things I’ve bought here. I have been shopping here for 25 years and have gotten to know the owners and employees. I feel like family when I go here.”

Sharon D.

“Bravo! Your new place is beautiful! I love my new bedroom furniture. I forget the names of each piece but this bed is scrumptious and wow sturdy. I especially like that my Fortress furniture has a Biblical reference. Psalms 18-2! I tell everybody the story of my furniture. Thank you.”

Grace M.

“I got the rug and the chairs and the table and the pictures from the consignment emporium. I spent $440.00. I made the runner and pillows. I love my breakfast nook. I love your furniture store. Thank you from Georgia.”

Georgia M.