About Us.

Consignment Furniture Emporium, Inc. helps sellers and offers buyers bargains. Sellers get paid on the spot for previously-owned, gently-used furniture, pictures, lamps, rugs, accessories, and tools.

Would you like someone to show up at your door and offer cash for furniture you don’t need? Are you interested in terrific bargains on well-maintained used furniture? John and Linda Kelly can help you, whether you want to sell or buy.

In 1991, Linda Kelly had a problem. She had a bedroom suite she wanted to get rid of. She placed an ad to sell it, and took phone calls, but finally ended up giving the furniture away to someone she begged to take it.

From that problem came an idea that would help people all over the Triad. Linda started Consignment Furniture Emporium, Inc. Her business plan was simple…and almost round-the-clock work. She would pay people for good-condition furniture they no longer wanted. With the help of a mover, she would bring the furniture back to her store and clean it. Then, at her store, she would sell the furniture to people who were happy to save significant money on their furniture purchases.

Linda’s first location was a 1,900-square-foot store off Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. She outgrew that space within six months. Before she moved to a new location, she was literally hanging sofas from the rafters. “Customers would have to climb ladders to try them out,” says Linda.

Linda’s business kept growing and moving. Even 20,000 square feet of space on Witt Street ended up not being enough. In February 2002, Consignment Furniture Emporium moved to S. Stratford Road beside Honda, Sea Doo and CanAm, where the business remained until 2017. “When that building sold, we were forced to get creative”, says Linda, adding, “We knew we wanted to stay close to Stratford but not on the Business 40 end of things, where the pending close [of Business] 40 in both directions for two years was expected to create major headaches.” Consignment Furniture Emporium, Inc now occupies a 43,250 square foot warehouse located at 130 Cloverleaf Drive, in the same zip code as their Stratford store but far removed from the traffic chaos. Cloverleaf Drive is easily accessible. It is a traffic light turn near Cities Restaurant and just over a mile from Hanes Mall Boulevard. Linda says, “we are thrilled with our new space but it was no cake-walk….it was a warehouse with no heat, no air conditioning and had to be re-zoned.”

Linda’s family has grown, as well. In 2000, when Linda was expecting their son, Will, Linda’s husband, John, joined the company. John had already been getting increasingly involved in the business. John went “from walking to running”, says Linda. John’s work now allows the Kellys to offer people in Greensboro and High Point the same pick-up service they give the Winston-Salem area. “God knew what we needed long before we knew,” says John, adding, “Buying is at a record high and there’s no way this much inventory would have fit into our Stratford Road location.”

Despite the name, Consignment Furniture Emporium does not consign furniture. They buy it outright. If you call, one of the Kellys will show up at your door with cash in hand, and a truck to take away the furniture. The whole process is convenient and straightforward for the seller.

The Kellys screen the furniture during the initial phone call. They do not buy damaged or dated furniture (unless it could be a “handyman’s special”). They do not buy soiled, faded, dated or damaged upholstery. They ask customers with less than three large pieces of furniture (or if the furniture is located outside the Triad area), to bring those items to the store. No appointment is necessary to sell to CFE and their selling dock keeps the same hours as their showroom.

Even if everyone that week wants to sell them sofas — the item they are most frequently asked to buy — the Kellys never cut off a type of furniture. “We’d put it in the warehouse before we’d do that,” says Linda. Linda says they have grown so quickly partly by offering both the sellers and the buyers a reasonable price. “We don’t pay our overhead by buying sofas for $20 and selling them for $200,” says Linda.

They unload as many as three truckloads of furniture a day, so their store’s selection is constantly changing. “One day we’ll have ten dining room suites and in a few days, we could have three times that,” says John. The furniture is in such good condition that people think some of it is new. “Until 2017, when we designed our own line of furniture, “Fortress”, all of our inventory was used. Now, 95% of it is used so it hasn’t changed all that much, other than customers can now trade-in their unwanted items for new OR previously owned goods. ” The story of “Fortress” clever name is one for the history books. Linda planned a trip overseas to design the line, enlisting the help of a friend who spoke Vietnamese. When she and her interpreter arrived at the airport, Linda’s friend discovered her travel documents were not in order, forcing Linda to make the trek alone. “Not really”, says Linda, citing, Psalms 18:2 “He is my rock. He is my Fortress.” 

Many frequent customers regard the store as an entertaining treasure hunt. “We have a lot of first-time buyers, but we also have a lot of regulars,” says John. They constantly hear variations on one customer’s comment, “I came here looking for a sofa today and I’ve already seen five I like. I didn’t expect to have to make a decision. I thought I’d be lucky to find one.”

Most of their sofas are by major manufacturers and are under $300. Lamps and framed pictures are as low as $20 and $10. An oak bed there recently was $245. The Kellys say the best way to shop in their store is by signing up for their monthly newsletter, where coupons abound. 

Some people trying to find their business have accidentally called copycat consignment stores, says Linda. “Remember, we’re the ones with Emporium in the name.”

Consignment Furniture Emporium, Inc. is located at 130 Cloverleaf Drive Winston-Salem, NC (Cloverleaf Drive is a traffic-light-turn off Stratford Road, one mile from Hanes Mall Blvd, across from Cities Restaurant). Hours of operation are Thursday & Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, call (336) 765-5053. In the Greensboro area, call (336) 297-1080.